Janet, a little cheeky? “This same group (LAAC) owns nearly …

Comment on Macklin opens door to grog in Aboriginal communities, brings in ‘assessors’ to check pubs in Alice by Ian Sharp.

Janet, a little cheeky?
“This same group (LAAC) owns nearly all IGA stores Australia wide. And all funded it seems by Australian government funds. Our tax payer dollars. So the question is how much funding from the tax payers purse how much land that belongs to all Australians is going to be given away to Aboriginal [interests] when we see here and so many other places human suffering and homelessness. If the stats were counted it would appear to be in the order of millions per year to everyone stating Aboriginality. So why is there still a problem on the streets? Time for accountability?”
Time for accountability indeed. More than a little cheeky I think, but I also think Janet is owning up to the error. If so, good, let’s move on.

Ian Sharp Also Commented

Macklin opens door to grog in Aboriginal communities, brings in ‘assessors’ to check pubs in Alice
Experience shows that Janet Brown can be careless with facts and figures, we should careful how much credence we give to her posts. I don’t think she has got back to us readers of the Alice News forum on the Australia wide takeover of the IGA store group by Lhere Artepe Aboriginal Corporation, paid for with millions of taxpayers dollars. Evidence for this please, Janet? Or a retraction? Or will you just move on to the next glib assertion? https://www.alicespringsnews.com.au/2013/02/08/letter-macklins-government-berates-nt-over-liquor-policies-but-funded-the-purchase-of-three-booze-shops-says-tollner/#comments

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The Base turns 50, will survive Trump
Charlie Carter, spot on!

Thinking big, anyone?
To justify the huge investment (which would be funded how?) we would have to make huge amounts of steel.
Markets for this steel? North Asian countries are our biggest markets for iron ore to feed their steel mills.
Would they be willing to let their steel industries be replaced by ours?
And why railroads? Transport of huge quantities of low value commodities over these distances cheaper by sea in bulk-carriers.
A great armchair geographer’s scenario, even less realistic than the Bradfield scheme, IMHO.

Conservative vote: Territory Alliance up, CLP down in Johnston
Joel is not an academic, he’s been a student getting qualifications to increase his knowledge.
Academics work in tertiary institutions, teach and do research.
As well as having been a footballer at the highest level he has been a small business owner.
He grew up in The NT, and lived at Ernabella for a time with his family.
He married his childhood sweetheart, an Alice Springs girl.
Not a bad resume for an NT politician.
Better than many who have served in the NT Parliament over the years. We have had too many blow-ins on the make, the last one was the Chief Minister who oversaw the Port of Darwin lease to a Chinese company.
Joel, a Territory boy, been away, made good, back to help the NT grow in away that all benefit. More power to him.

Epistle from the inferno
Crikey, Charlie, what a harrowing time for you both. Hope things on the improve, may the rain and Todd flowing sooth you a little. Best wishes.

War on Iran must be prevented
Great comments, Kieran, spot on. The only thing Matthew had going for him was the courage not to hide behind a pseudonym. And Jonathon Pilbrow is right, we must learn the lessons from the Iraq folly. If we had a time machine we would certainly go back and make different choices. I applaud Jonathon and his group for reminding us of the risks we take in blindly following the US into conflicts where there is no prospect of a positive outcome. For anybody.

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