A bit late again on the conversation! I thought it …

Comment on Macklin opens door to grog in Aboriginal communities, brings in ‘assessors’ to check pubs in Alice by Charlie Dick.

A bit late again on the conversation! I thought it was about Alcohol Management Plans so I started reading. Anyway I for one hope the AMPs actually turn into what the tag implies – Alcohol Management Plans. I had some involvement with them and at the early stages of their development some communities wanted access to alcohol and some didn’t. Most men wanted access to alcohol and most women didn’t.
But it frustrated me that again Aboriginal people were treated as the same beings with similar beliefs and values and goals and therefore all had to be the same.
They couldn’t have alcohol access over here and no alcohol access there. They all needed signs to tell them what to do etc.
Some wanted wet canteens some didn’t … but all sober and sensible people I spoke to (and they were the vast majority) seemed to want protection of children and women and safety for those who didn’t drink.
Anyway my point is resourcing communities with the ability to develop and manage their own AMPs is worth an attempt. Surely things can’t get worse as a result if moderation is promoted, education on alcohol abuse is promoted and improved service to address associated problems are placed on communities.
I know there are a multitude of issues related to this but clearly the current system is not working for the majority of communities and many others are not responding well.
So a balance is required – a true Alcohol Management Plan for each individual community is needed.
And on another point, ignoring some parts of Janet’s arguments she does have a few points I think we all agree on … economic independence, enterprise development, traditional owners actually having individual rights to property on their communal lands (I think that’s what she means). And another point … being an (Aboriginal) academic with paternalistic tendencies is not a sin, I don’t think. It is something to aspire to and is of value to the whole Australian community.

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Gee that partnership with the Melbourne Football Club is looking like a winner for the NT brand and the brolga!

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Had enough (Posted April 9, 2013 at 1:14 pm) which ones need to be locked up and the keys thrown away? All of them? Seems silly – just like their actions. Maybe we should lock up and throw away the keys for mongrels who make silly comments for want of being heard. You and I would be a goner!

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Don’t understand Stephen Smedley (posted April 5, 2013 at 10:11 pm). The coverage has been very descriptive and unbiased. The case illustrates the enormous barriers faced by local Aboriginal people to overcome many issues to achieve a degree of success, or basic improvements in their lives. I just hope the system, while being just, is able to assist Mr Jurrah to recover, learn from any mistakes and reconcile with his family and community (both local and wider).

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So the alcohol rehabilitation policy is coming in a few weeks’ time, and it will address the real problem – behaviour issues.
Is this another Mills moment? Will we be asked to tell these intoxicated people to stop their unhealthy drinking behaviour?
But seriously, the issue of rehabilitation versus the enforcement of Law and Order seems problematic.
When will people be rehabbed and when will they be jailed? The current jail population (largely imprisoned because of alcohol related offences) is testimony to this being an issue.
Aren’t the December quarter stats always a bit skewed too? On another note can we continue to mask our political allegiances in these discussions!

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Congratulations to Adam Giles on becoming the first person of Indigenous heritage to be elected as leader of a Territory or State Government. Wish him well (but not too well!). So all of a sudden the budget can be delayed, power prices put down and the world is a better place. Chansey (Posted March 15, 2013 at 9:40 am) makes some excellent points about public servants and funding for youth programs. Don’t see this as a wonderful result for Alice Springs or the Territory just yet. This is going to be interesting.

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