Crikey, the local rentseekers are excited! But it is to …

Comment on Coup: All Central Australian members voted for Adam Giles by Ian Sharp.

Crikey, the local rentseekers are excited! But it is to be expected, because that is the raison d’etre of the CLP, they see the role of government through the prism of self-interest, eg Steve Brown’s concern is about the Alice Springs economy.

It will be interesting to see how much Adam Giles listens to squeaky wheels like Steve, and how much he addresses the real economic disparities in the NT. The fact that the CLP governs is due to their success in winning bush seats will not be lost on Giles, especially as he reportedly played some part in the strategy that took those seats from Labor. Normally NT Governments have been forced to pander to the northern suburbs of Darwin, that is where elections have traditionally been won and lost. Not this time. His four indigenous MPs from the bush are likely to bring pressure to bear on the allocation of scarce resources, and rural centres like Alice Springs will get some spin off from that, but I doubt if it will the “yippee” bonanza that Steve and other traditional CLP supporters are hoping for.

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Coup: All Central Australian members voted for Adam Giles
Sorry to have provoked you to fluster and bluster Steve. In your remarks, aside from your attempts to whack at me, I detect a bit of the old trickle down theory of economic development. My point was that I don’t think the new power balance in the CLP parliamentary wing will allow business as usual. The bushies are likely to insist of projects that directly benefit indigenous communities … housing, health, education, policing, basic infrastructure … the trickle effect might be the other way for a while? Katherine, Alice, Tennant might get some spin off effects from developments out bush. Funding for projects in the Alice itself might be a lower priority, unless they serve the needs of communities. That was my point.

There are different views about how to allocate scarce resources, and normally CLP governments tend to favour their business backers in the towns at the expense of the bush, saying that the benefits will trickle out to the communities. Not a lot of evidence to support that view in the two decades of CLP government? You might have a different view, let’s hear it. Or you might just want to whack away some more at me personally. Which I will take as an admission that you concede my point.

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Crikey! You used to be able to visit the conservation reserve and picnic at the tables and seats right near the base security gate.
Long before the new Turnback sign we used to ride from Alice to the gates and return, a good 50km workout.
A few years ago a friend of mine was on a walk with other members of the Alice Field Nats when approached about what they were doing in the conservation reserve, not taken kindly.
Who draws the boundaries, how do they get extended? Get stuck into them Erwin, more power to your arm.

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Sad all round. Hope everyone can just put it all behind them and move on, Council business should be the priority. Let’s not go down the American route, formal complaints and litigation, soon we’d all need personal therapists and a legal team.

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@ Gareth: I’m with Erwin on this one. Clearly labelled “comment”.

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@ Charlie Carter: Took your advice to John Bell, re-read Marcias’ article. Easily found. Puts a lot in perspective. Cheers.

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Well said, Alan Harrison.

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