I use this opportunity to congratulate Adam Giles, for being …

Comment on Coup: All Central Australian members voted for Adam Giles by Ken Lehleitner.

I use this opportunity to congratulate Adam Giles, for being the first, but I hope not the last!
Happy to work with you and other Aboriginal MLAs towards writing good laws that can help us all.

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Cops and skaters now co-exist in northern mall
Councillor Chansey Paech, I must congratulate you on your work on the council, by bringing into law making such ideas as Skaters and Cops can co-exist. We all can have a place where we can co-exist and enjoy life and the civics this great community has to offer, in making good laws. All we have to do is write good laws to move towards this mutual space and place we can share and live under.
Well done, Young Man.

The new NT cabinet
Just one question for my sister, what happened to the Indigenous Advancement Minister portfolio? Is the honeymoon already over?
Please get it back on the portfolio listing, the idea was working, because in many other Aboriginal people’s minds, we had a collective goal that we was starting to moving towards. In seeing how we could participate, the ideology did capture the imagination for many family members that I know of. But then not to see it this time around, even with Aboriginal CM. What’s going on, please explain? Because I saw hope in that portfolio.

It pays to read the fine print: were First Nations fear-mongering?
Good one Graham Tjilpi Buckley! Where did you get Tjilpi from? You can check the FNPP records, at the NTEC, after all you can access them. All funds would be declared. Please don’t use names that you don’t hold true too. Comment on the press and tell me if I am wrong. Otherwise charade you are!

Graham, liberal democracy is what I like, using your own land allows Aboriginal people to participate in wealth creation. CLP is focused in this area, but they now need to take it to the next level, develop the people, so that they (the Aboriginal people) don’t become abused again by the system.
Happy Days Graham.

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