I think it’s worth remembering that this comes from the …

Comment on Federal media laws: Will we become a dictatorship? by Hal Duell.

I think it’s worth remembering that this comes from the same Senator Conroy who just recently gave up his plans to censor the Internet. He only gave them up when he finally realised the support was simply not there, not even within his own party.
This is also the same Senator Conroy who as Minister for Communications said during a visit to New York City that he has “unfettered legal power” over telecommunications regulation, including the ability to request Australian telcos to “wear red underpants on their head”.
The Coalition alternative for Minister for Communications is Malcolm Turnbull. Go figure.

Hal Duell Also Commented

Federal media laws: Will we become a dictatorship?
Here’s a thought – If we get back to a system of Ministerial responsibility as opposed to the current practice of everything going thru the PMs, the Premiers, the Chief Ministers or, for that matter, the local council’s CEOs and Mayor’s office, wouldn’t that mean more access for journalists and more information being made available to the public?
Erwin’s latest comment on a reply from Minister Chandler speaks well about how the Giles government is starting. Please continue!

Federal media laws: Will we become a dictatorship?
I’ve been following this story in the national press, and it looks like the red underpants man might be heading for another cropper. Early days yet, but the signs so far give reason for optimism.

Recent Comments by Hal Duell

Locally produced hemp could replace plastic
This is a very good initiative. Congratulations to the Gunner government.
Hemp is a not only a better fibre than cotton, but growing it uses less water and fewer chemicals. What not to like?
Again, congratulations to the Gunner government.

Gunner goofs: No council ‘decisions’ on gallery site
Perhaps one of the more astonishing features of this continuing saga is the overweening arrogance of Alice’s current group of councillors.
They somehow think they have the right to dispose of our civic centre.
They forget they were elected to look after our assets, not use them as bargaining chips in some shady back-room deal.
Commercial-in-confidence is such a scam. Come on councillors – I challenge any of you to grow a pair.

Despite clear leads, no-one was punished for making this mess
It can be done. Read this.

US military base in Darwin: what risk to NT?
The Opium Wars are over. China won. And all this “containment” and forward posturing is more like dogs barking in the night while the caravan moves on.
Poor Oz! Hanging like a pendulum between London and Washington with (just) the Kiwis for company. That means Boris Johnson and Donald Trump. What can go wrong?

Gallery: no deal yet on land swap
Matters are kept in confidential when they don’t want us to know what they are talking about.
Only Melky and Banks seem willing to bring this issue into open. And yet, all were elected on promises of transparency.
Confidential is where a “prefered option” is decided. Then they stage a public consultation. Then they enact the prefered option.
This backfired on the Anzac Oval. I expect them to be more careful next time.
And I wonder what the sweetener will be to induce the ACTC into forfeiting the best block in Alice Springs.

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