The new NT cabinet

Adam Graham Giles

Chief Minister

Minister for Police, Fire and Emergency Services

Minister for Corporate and Information Services Minister for Trade

Minister for Economic Development (Major Projects)

Minister for Asian Engagement

Minister for Transport


David William Tollner (Deputy Chief Minister)


Minister for Business Minister for Employment and Training

Minister for Defence Liaison and Defence Industry Support


Johan Wessel Elferink

Attorney-General and Minister for Justice

Minister for Public Employment

Minister for Correctional Services

Minister for Statehood


Robyn Jane Lambley

Minister for Health

Minister for Alcohol Rehabilitation


Peter Glen Chandler

Minister for Education

Minister for Housing

Minister for Lands, Planning and the Environment


Willem Westra Van Holthe

Minister for Primary Industry and Fisheries

Minister for Mines and Energy

Minister for Land Resource Management

Minister for Essential Services


Alison Anderson

Minister for Children and Families

Minister for Regional Development

Minister for Local Government

Minister for Women’s Policy


Matthew Escott Conlan

Minister for Central Australia

Minister for Tourism and Major Events

Minister for Sport and Recreation

Minister for Racing Minister for Parks and Wildlife

Minister for Arts and Museums


Peter Donald Styles

Minister for Infrastructure

Minister for Multicultural Affairs Minister for Senior Territorians

Minister for Young Territorians

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  1. Ken Lehleitner
    Posted March 17, 2013 at 11:24 am

    Just one question for my sister, what happened to the Indigenous Advancement Minister portfolio? Is the honeymoon already over?
    Please get it back on the portfolio listing, the idea was working, because in many other Aboriginal people’s minds, we had a collective goal that we was starting to moving towards. In seeing how we could participate, the ideology did capture the imagination for many family members that I know of. But then not to see it this time around, even with Aboriginal CM. What’s going on, please explain? Because I saw hope in that portfolio.

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