In reply to Kathy I would like to say that …

Comment on 250 public dwellings would cost $100,000 each to fix up by Bev Emmott.

In reply to Kathy I would like to say that the house we live in was damaged before we moved in – I am a widow who had to bring up 3 children on her own. My house I had in Adelaide was sold and the money disappeared – I have many health problems so cant work full time.
However when I have asked for repairs to be done – workmen come out and do either half the job or a shoddy job – then leave and Territory Housing blame me for it and expect me to pay for repairs.
An example – the vanity in the bathroom had a door replaced with uncovered pineboard – the lounge room roof had a hole in it when we moved in – when it rained it leaked so I asked for repairs.
This was back in 2001 – but it still has not been fixed in 2013 and now is mouldy.
There were many other similar issue but it seems that those not in the know always blame the tenant even when the tenant is not at fault.
I have been many times ordered to give to the Aboriginals but never once had any money that was taken from me returned.
My troubles started with church people who decided that what was mine was theirs.
Since Alice Springs is run by church people if you don’t want to give everything to them then they use such things as Territory Housing to help their “favourites” who are usually rich and destroy those without money.

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Making new tools for living 
Kumunjayi Granites said: “I speak your language but you don’t speak mine.”
There are hundreds of Aboriginal languages. It is impossible to learn them all no matter how well intentioned.
As for the Aboriginal cultures there are hundreds of them too. Aboriginals have been hurting me for decades, and my birth family and in-laws have supported them.
I am white. Does that mean my culture means nothing and I have to give all to the Aboriginals? They complain about everything, yet what have they done to help their own families?
There are still rock throwing incidents and other things against the whites.
We are all Australian if born in this country or naturalised and for decades everything has been done to help them.
But when you do, the ones complaining are the ones that go against you and take from you what you earned.
Now for stealing, what is the Aboriginal punishment? For rape, what is the Aboriginal punishment? I know for sure the Aboriginals are far harder on their own people for doing this sort of thing than the whites are.

Ryan to run in Braitling for the CLP?
After his record who would want him?

Billen’s family: Make telling hotel where you trek mandatory
Funny but what is coming out in these posts is the lack of responsibility of tourist and locals as well. Being in the outback is not a joke – and yes it is dangerous especially for foreigners or people from the coast
People running hotels, caravan parks, other accomodation should give out safety pamplets when people book in, and ask if they understand the pamphlets, even have them sign to say they read them. It would not have to be a long pamphlet.
Also people advertising Alice Springs on Internet sites should be made to put a piece on safety in the outback as an introduction to their sites so people booking on line get this information before they book.

Custodians decline meeting with council on gallery
If Alice Springs is ever going to get ahead they need to widen the focus, sure have the Aboriginal things but also other cultural things too. It does not have to be sports orientated but amusement oriented
We need a far better transport system, cheaper food outlets around town, better quality housing, better companies to improve job prospects, companies with well trained people running them and with the right mental attitude.
We need entertainment that are less costly so that the local people can afford to use it frequently when the tourist season is gone.

Fake news, nukes & climate change: two minutes to midnight
The idea is to be prepared but what are we prepared for?
War, climate change, earthquakes, food shortages (remembering we are 1500 kms from the nearest big town).
If war or a nuclear calmity come, do we have shelter that will protect us?
If drought or heat waves come, where do we get our water from? It won’t matter about race or colour. It will happen to all
If we don’t do it now then when these things happen there will be no answers for anyone, and the groaning and gnashing of teeth mentioned in the bible just might happen within our lifetime.

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