The United States Geological Survey study was conducted on one …

Comment on LETTER: Be careful with fracking! by Louie Blue Coat.

The United States Geological Survey study was conducted on one of two wells drilled by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in 2010 after residents of the small town said their water smelled and tasted strange. On Wednesday September 26 the USGS announced that the water had again tested positive for high levels of methane, ethane, diesel compounds and phenol, Bloomberg reported. These are some of the very chemicals used for fracking, in which holes drilled deep into shale beds and injected with highly pressurized water, sand and chemicals to extract gas and oil.

It was the second time in as many years that the well had yielded such results. A draft report issued in December 2011 after an earlier round of testing was the first time the US government had documented a link between fracking and water contamination, the EPA said.
I plead with you to study the consequences of Fracking, water is too precious to life to contaminate. Contamination means end of life due to Fracking. Please investigate more on this subject!

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