For god’s sake when is this going to stop. …

Comment on LETTER: Labor’s $150m Alice town camps disaster by Dianne.

For god’s sake when is this going to stop. Waste and mismanagement seem to be a plague on both houses according to the posters here.

Here’s a novel idea – let’s start to hold people to account. If tradies and builders are rorting the system, as has been suggested, then let’s pressure the government to put a stop to it. That is what happened with the BER – remember that colossal waste of money?

If the way in which the town camps are operating, is wrong, then let’s get it fixed. How hard can it be – we are the most multicultural country in the world, and neighbours deal with neighbours all over the country – why can’t it be done in the town camps. Don’t tell me it’s cultural – and say that excuses bad behaviour – it doesn’t.

It’s time for families and individuals to take responsibility for their behaviour. It’s on parents to lift their children out of poverty – for heaven’s sake, we have the best minds in a lot of respects, best hearts in the country working with indigenous people all around the town!

It’s time for parents to acknowledge there is help there, you have to support your child to be better than you are. As my mum did, as lots of people’s mums and / or dads did.

If there isn’t enough money to properly fund the programs, then cut money from somewhere else to pay for it. This is too important. I refuse to accept that in the country that I live in, we cannot afford to look after our people.

Here’s a thought – let’s cut government advertising. There is a truckload of money that is wasted by all levels of government to promote their “products”. If it isn’t being used, then make the people redundant or re-allocate the resources. The department of climate change might be a good start! Perhaps Mr Snowdon could stop putting full page ads in the print media saying “this is how much Mr Abbott is going to RIP out of your pockets when he gets in”.

Might help Mr Snowdon if it wasn’t borrowed money you were wasting.

Recent Comments by Dianne

Bottle shop cops need to be brought into line: local chain
Anecdotal I know, but on two recent occasions, I’ve sat outside one of the AC owned bottle shops and was quite shocked to realise that the only commonality of those who were pulled up and questioned by the bottlo monitor, was the colour of their skin.
From a group of young women, to tradies on the way home from work, to older people and middle aged women – the only constant was their skin colour. Not good enough, NT Government.

‘Big Council’ needed in times of trouble
There is a very good reason why the majority of voters, in the majority of states voted against the bill.
Perhaps it is time for the council to focus on roads, rubbish and parks and leave the rest of it to the other two levels of government that the poor taxpayer is groaning under.
At what point is too much government enough?

Rates may rise 3.5% but no civic centre swap in draft budget
Give us a bloody break – the council can’t even be bothered engaging local suppliers, but expect us to stump up year after year.
The poor taxpayer is funding how many levels of government? And for what?

Federal Budget ‘another big GST blow to the NT’
WHY should constituents in other States and Territories be forced to go without because our politicians can’t operate responsibly?
If the Treasurer would like to send me a draft of the NT Budget, and a red pen, I’ll fix the problem quick smart!

Miners are spreading myths, says environmentalist
“… yet now they are trying to hold the economy to ransom with tired big business talking points …”
Hold the economy to ransom? Would that be like “charities” masquerading as business and pushing full tax paying entities out of the market?
Take the wood out of your own eye, fella!

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