@Ray. You wrote … “Take it or leave it. If …

Comment on LETTER: The Banned Drinkers Register did NOT work by Ian Sharp.

@Ray. You wrote … “Take it or leave it. If I was to sign Ray Smith, would it be any more credible?”

It would if Ray Smith was your real name. The amount of nonsense that has been submitted in letters to the editor in this town over the years beggars belief, people feel free to exaggerate, misrepresent and spew vitriol behind the cloak of anonymity. I don’t trust communications from people who refuse to identify themselves. Erwin’s comments policy says it all, if you want credibility man up.
So I’ll leave it, thanks “Ray”.

Ian Sharp Also Commented

LETTER: The Banned Drinkers Register did NOT work
There was a good report on the BDR earlier this year that might be useful in this discussion:


“… Professor d’Abbs (Substance Misuse Studies, Menzies School of Health Research in Darwin) says …
“My view is that it (BDR) was not in place long enough to be able to make a really informed judgement about whether it was successful or not. I think the figures that are available do point to some small changes, but they’re not consistent and so I think some of the claims, probably both by supporters and opponents, go beyond the evidence.”
But Professor d’Abbs says the limited evidence suggests the register was having a positive effect in the Northern Territory.
“I think that there is strong anecdotal evidence that since the BDR was dismantled there has been an increase, both in drunkenness in the towns concerned, public drunkenness, and some of the harms that spin off from that.
“I’m not aware of hard evidence that backs that up at the moment and I think one of the reasons for that is that the Northern Territory Government, having said that it would be very transparent about releasing data, has to my knowledge not made the kind of information available. But anecdotal reports from people like police and others with frontline experience suggest there has been a deterioration.”
Professor Peter d’Abbs, … says now the Banned Drinkers’ Register is gone, the Northern Territory Government is left with something of a vacuum in its alcohol policy.
“The BDR was part of a broader suite of measures that did constitute a policy and of course without the BDR the rest of those measures have effectively fallen over and in some cases also been dismantled. Of course the other point was that the incoming government took the BDR away but had nothing, certainly no well-thought out policy, to put in its place and I think that was a huge mistake.”

I think Professor d’Abbs would certainly qualify as someone with expertise and knowledge in this field, and his comments should be given a lot of weight. The Government has been hasty in getting rid of the BDR. Which raises the question, why? Let’s pressure them to reverse the decision and give it a proper trial. It could be a useful tool in an overall strategy to combat the alcohol abuse problem we all want dealt with.

LETTER: The Banned Drinkers Register did NOT work
Fair go ‘Anonymous Ray’. What credibility can be put in a statement allegedly made by an unnamed police officer to a bloke who doesn’t stand by his comments by putting his name to them. Doubly anonymous! At least Steve Brown has the wherewithal to sign his name to his posts.

My point stands, let us see a proper evaluation of the BDR trial by independent experts. Less assertions, anonymous or not, and more facts based on proper research and analysis.

LETTER: The Banned Drinkers Register did NOT work
Crikey Steve Brown, you have convinced me … your response is well argued, well supported with evidence, rational and logical, good to see you are over your fluster and bluster attack. Or not.

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