It’s always entertaining to see your messages ‘Kemarre’. I love …

Comment on Liddle resigns as chairman of Lhere Artepe by Perrurle.

It’s always entertaining to see your messages ‘Kemarre’. I love how you talk about having “cultural PHDs,” in effect comparing yourself to the old people who looked after this apmere in the proper sense before white people came to central Australia. To this I may say, the comparison is laughable. The fact is that without someone like Michael, or other leaders with political and cultural know-how, people like you will run an organisation like Lhere Artepe into the ground because of your petty games and self destructive ways.

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Liddle resigns as chairman of Lhere Artepe
Kemarre, you have changed the goal posts again. Read the headline to this article. You’re focus on language now and inability to be answerable has left a stench of desperation on this conversation. Do you plan on being accountable or do you take pleasure in portraying yourself so foolishly? I’ll happily wrap this up, but just a message to the wide audience of Arrernte people and others reading this. Read the entire conversation. People like Kemarre are a sad reflection of the negativity that exists in our community, and are a true reflection of where Arrernte people are at today. If we want Lhere Artepe to be a prominent, respected organisation in Alice, these “types” need to step aside. It shows us the kinda of crap a chairman has to deal with trying to get the organisation back on its feet.
Vote yourself off the island Kemarre, hate will rot your guts 😉
Game, set, match Perrurle.

Liddle resigns as chairman of Lhere Artepe
Arrangkwe Arrernte angkeme! We don’t need to write in Arrernte ‘Kemarre’ because as you and I know, not many people can read our language and I’d like to show everyone how foolish you’re continually being in your posts!
You know everything? So you’re a tracker, and can navigate at night through traditional astrology (ill translate astrology if you need?).
You would compare your knowledge to the ingkatas of the Arrernte people from the 1870s? If you know everything about land and stories then how come your not running Lhere Artepe? It needs a good leader at the moment, the position is vacant!
I don’t come on here talking about my cultural knowledge as I believe truly wise people never stop learning … and as others have tried to tell you previously, this is not the forum. Your comment in Arrernte saying you talk Arrernte while I don’t bother to learn, or basically that I know nothing shows again how off track you are.
So give us a straight answer, how does your ranting and raving on this site accusing every person (not just me) of having no knowledge and growing up “white” justifying your means? What are you hoping to gain? You have continuously accused everyone who has a problem with your comments of the same things “growing up in town, not having anything to do with full blood people” etc.
Can you give the Arrernte people who read this some clarity on what Lhere Artepe needs going into 2013 and beyond? How are we going to protect culture, have our language spoken for generations to come, and ensure the health and well being of our kids? How will Lhere Artepe become the major stakeholder it should be in this town? How will we protect our Ameke-meke sites?
Ill tell you how we will not. By having bitter, worthless, online fueds with people such as yourself who have no interest in progress, but would rather see us fight and argue with each other. Thank you for blessing us with more of your mindless brain spasms.
Kale mwerre.

Liddle resigns as chairman of Lhere Artepe
Aha! Well let me know if you need a copy of “A Changing Race” (not “the”). That documentary should make things very clear to you. If you need “research” then perhaps big noting your cultural know-how on here is contradictory? Good luck though!! 😉

Recent Comments by Perrurle

Politicking or community: What to do about youth crime?
Aside from being Captain Obvious and continually talking about the social issues within Alice Springs, what policy or program upheaval do you propose, Jacinta, given your political aspirations?
How will they differ from what’s already been tried by past CLP/Labor Governments over the last, say 40 years?
How will you deal with Government bureaucracy and the remote engagement empire that ensures funding is soaked up before staff even have a chance to roll out programs?
How is your engagement with youth services providers, safe houses and Aboriginal men’s and women’s groups going? Are you talking to the men and women at the prison or rehabilitation facilities to increase your understanding of why they’re ending up there?
This community knows you don’t spend any time digesting the thoughts and views of the people you apparently talk for.
Everyone sees the opportunistic photo or name drop on Facebook in an effort to keep the east coast assured you actually enjoy and maintain community relationships.
People of this region see the BS a mile away – even your most loyal Golf Course dwelling supporters are starting to smell a rat.
Aside from your purely anecdotal experiences, how will you lead us to the promise land, which is literally what you have built your notoriety upon?
First Bess, now Jacinta (with the dad cutting the oranges and mixing hate-orade) have yet to deliver anything other than festering the decades of rage already fed-up community members have towards these social problems.
Meanwhile, the real people (both Indigenous and non) are busting their guts trying to find solutions on the front line of these issues receiving little, if any, fanfare and having to beg government for on-going funding.
If you want to support a cause that will help make this community a better place, lobby Government to get behind some of these initiatives and ditch their political crap for long-term bipartisan, properly funded initiatives.

Alice students fire up for climate action
@ Peter
Nothing like some pub-talk anecdotal claims to refute climate change as some big conspiracy, eh?
Forget the decades of research compiled by climate and environment experts, scientists, marine biologists; let’s just listen to climate change deniers with all their applied experience and expertise in the field (not*) and slag off at all the ‘lefties’ while we’re at it, hey?

CLP candidate Ryan compromised as town’s negotiator
One has to wonder what forces are at play that are completely fumbling and derailing the national art gallery opportunity and pushing for the build south of town due to non-existent cultural reasons?
Support was given by a large group at a meeting at Anzac Oval earlier this year headed by TOs for the gallery to be built in town. Then next week there was a change of mind?
If I was running a business in town that could benefit from a large-scale project like this, I’d be wanting to know what happened!

Native Title threatens cattle land development: NFF
The story heading should be: “Cattle land development is a mono-industry, reliant on huge amounts of water per beast, introduced noxious weeds for feed, land locks massive portions of country for the economic benefit of a few, eliminates potential for other industry development, ruins plants and species biodiversity, increases drought conditions, destroys country” etc etc…

Ministers lash out at council over gallery
The Town Council lacks leadership? Someone get Jacinta [Price] on the phone to steady this sinking ship!
There is no cultural need for the gallery / museum to be built south of The Gap, other than motivations by a couple of people at the helm to utilise the DKA/ILUA site.
If there were cultural reasons couldn’t the same premise be used for say, the CLC offices, town library the old IAD, Araluen / Strehlow Centre etc, etc?

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