Kemarre, you have changed the goal posts again. Read the …

Comment on Liddle resigns as chairman of Lhere Artepe by Perrurle.

Kemarre, you have changed the goal posts again. Read the headline to this article. You’re focus on language now and inability to be answerable has left a stench of desperation on this conversation. Do you plan on being accountable or do you take pleasure in portraying yourself so foolishly? I’ll happily wrap this up, but just a message to the wide audience of Arrernte people and others reading this. Read the entire conversation. People like Kemarre are a sad reflection of the negativity that exists in our community, and are a true reflection of where Arrernte people are at today. If we want Lhere Artepe to be a prominent, respected organisation in Alice, these “types” need to step aside. It shows us the kinda of crap a chairman has to deal with trying to get the organisation back on its feet.
Vote yourself off the island Kemarre, hate will rot your guts 😉
Game, set, match Perrurle.

Perrurle Also Commented

Liddle resigns as chairman of Lhere Artepe
Arrangkwe Arrernte angkeme! We don’t need to write in Arrernte ‘Kemarre’ because as you and I know, not many people can read our language and I’d like to show everyone how foolish you’re continually being in your posts!
You know everything? So you’re a tracker, and can navigate at night through traditional astrology (ill translate astrology if you need?).
You would compare your knowledge to the ingkatas of the Arrernte people from the 1870s? If you know everything about land and stories then how come your not running Lhere Artepe? It needs a good leader at the moment, the position is vacant!
I don’t come on here talking about my cultural knowledge as I believe truly wise people never stop learning … and as others have tried to tell you previously, this is not the forum. Your comment in Arrernte saying you talk Arrernte while I don’t bother to learn, or basically that I know nothing shows again how off track you are.
So give us a straight answer, how does your ranting and raving on this site accusing every person (not just me) of having no knowledge and growing up “white” justifying your means? What are you hoping to gain? You have continuously accused everyone who has a problem with your comments of the same things “growing up in town, not having anything to do with full blood people” etc.
Can you give the Arrernte people who read this some clarity on what Lhere Artepe needs going into 2013 and beyond? How are we going to protect culture, have our language spoken for generations to come, and ensure the health and well being of our kids? How will Lhere Artepe become the major stakeholder it should be in this town? How will we protect our Ameke-meke sites?
Ill tell you how we will not. By having bitter, worthless, online fueds with people such as yourself who have no interest in progress, but would rather see us fight and argue with each other. Thank you for blessing us with more of your mindless brain spasms.
Kale mwerre.

Liddle resigns as chairman of Lhere Artepe
Aha! Well let me know if you need a copy of “A Changing Race” (not “the”). That documentary should make things very clear to you. If you need “research” then perhaps big noting your cultural know-how on here is contradictory? Good luck though!! 😉

Liddle resigns as chairman of Lhere Artepe
And may I also remind you that Lhere Artepe was a result of the native title claim over Alice Springs township. Mparntwe estate was supported by the interest of Irplme and Ntulye for the combined goal of achieving land rights through white law. Mparntwe country is supported by the two other estates. Just remember that, “kemarre”. There would be no native title without the claim by the rightful TOs for Mparntwe country, who have been supported by evidence given to TGH Strehlow in the 50s. Are you saying you know more now, then what those old people did back then?

Recent Comments by Perrurle

VIDEO: Watch yourself in the NAIDOC march this morning
OK, so the grandmothers group again bring attention to the fact youth are ending up in detention.
What are they trying to achieve? Are they seeking behavioural change from our youth? Are they themselves heading up any programs or initiatives for youth to engage with?
These kids aren’t ending up in the clink for stealing lollies.
Agreed also with Davo. For one week a year, perhaps celebrate some positive achievements within the community … there are a few.

Price family were sole complainants against Cocking & Satour 
Props to Erwin and Kieran for your ongoing reporting on this story.
In the past anyone who dared speak against Jacinta and the Prices have been attacked or slandered, sent abusive texts or DMs online. Let’s hope other local and Territory media / radio outlets show some initiative and shed light on this as well, given they have been the Prices’ biggest fans.
Surely, those who have blindly followed Jacinta and her supposed “truth telling” can see things for what they are now. The Easter Bunny isn’t real people, sorry.
Unfortunately, Jacinta has thrived off this community’s desperation in seeking answers to long term social issues that exist in this region.
Jacinta and the Price trio (coz’ you never get just one) are NOT the answer.
She has been on the fast track to success merely because she is Indigenous but lacks education and experience in any of the matters she talks so openly about.
Supporters should have done their due diligence on this one.
The last thing we want to see is another spoilt, hypocritical, self serving politician who talks a big game yet delivers nothing. This region deserves better than that.

Jacinta Price’s bluster: parents not mentioned
Misleading her Facebook followers? This isn’t new!
Sorry “followers,” you’ve been misled the entire time!
Folly, Jacinta, nothing but folly!

Jacinta Price spits dummy
Re Alan: Naw, it sucks when you find out your hero ain’t all she’s cracked up to be, hey?

Jacinta Price spits dummy
Hello … where are all her blind supporters who profess she “speaks the truth”.
Send this through to The Australian, Herald Sun, Mark Latham, KAK etc.
Unfortunately Erwin, you are another in a long line who have been on the receiving end of her bully tactics.
Another dummy spit from someone who lacks maturity and clear thought processes, yet seeks fame, fortune and self promotion.

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