Stephen Smedley – the Jurrah case is just a tiny …

Comment on Liam Jurrah abandons bail application by Alice Gap.

Stephen Smedley – the Jurrah case is just a tiny example of what goes on in the Alice Springs court house on a daily basis.
The ongoing nature of his troubles is consistent with many others of a lesser media profile.
If it wasn’t for Jurrah’s interstate high profile – no one would ever get to know what happens on a huge scale in Alice Springs and how the white / black law operates.
Basically, if the family was allowed to do their own justice years ago – none of this family violence would still be going on and through the courts at a massive expense to the taxpayer to this day.
The general public is tired of this story now anyway but the framework of it resonates with anyone who knows what is happening in the NT justice system on a daily basis in Alice Springs.

Recent Comments by Alice Gap

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Nice to see.

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Sadly, I agree with this article.

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“This should become a thing of the past.” Too right it should. Who is calling the defence lawyers him? Minister for Justice, John Elferink or Erwin Chlanda? Most of them are women if it’s the Minister for Justice using such language – that’s abysmal.
[ED – The Alice Springs News Online humbly stands corrected. It should be his/her in each case.]

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Thank you for reporting this story. This is an all too regular example of what is happening within the Central Australian community. This is what the media should be reporting on.

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