I agree with Steve Brown, Jimmy IS naive. For thinking …

Comment on Council wants more time to respond to water plan by Ian Sharp.

I agree with Steve Brown, Jimmy IS naive. For thinking he could have a rational debate with Steve, without personal attacks and pigeon-holing.
As for the issue of water, the idea of cap to stimulate better water conservation practices and new technologies makes sense, to get the best out of existing borefields.
There may be plenty of water further out, but that involves extra infrastructure and operating costs that we could avoid for some time if we are less profligate.

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Council wants more time to respond to water plan
@ Steve … are you saying I am being hypocritical (if so, in what way? Don’t you believe me when I say I hold the belief that you are often irrational and rude in your responses on this website, am I only pretending do you think?)
Or are you saying I am being hyper-critical, too hard on you, that I should make allowances for you in some way, on account of your … what?
Just asking. And I will forgo the pleasure of sharing a dugout with Jimmy, thanks for the suggestion, but I am sure he is quite capable of making his own arrangements to deal with your outbursts.
I would be interested, however, in a more rational and thoughtful discussion of the issues related to our water. I think a cap might be useful, but we need to know more about the demands that mining might place on the resource, and how that will be dealt with.

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