Congratulations Steve you have become the town Nutter. I give …

Comment on Council wants more time to respond to water plan by Leigh Childs.

Congratulations Steve you have become the town Nutter. I give you a capital letter this time.
Good grief, I find it so hard to believe that an adult can possibly sprout and spew the garbage and hatred that you do.

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Council wants more time to respond to water plan
STEVE … calm down. You are becoming the town nutter.
Jimmy is talking about S-U-S-T-A-I-N-A-B-I-L-I-T-Y. That means using resources in a way that they last and last and last and last. He is talking about living WITHIN our means and in our arid [you do agree we live in the arid environment] zone, we, the inhabitants have to live in harmony with the resources we have.
Restrictions bring innovation. Having an anything goes attitude brings destruction … can’t you see that.
What planet are you on Steve … ????? Planet plentiful … does NOT EXIST.
The Alice Springs aquifers DO NOT recharge at every drop of rain in Alice. [Sorry I am stepping into John’s area of expertise.]
Jimmy, have I got your message wrong?????

Council wants more time to respond to water plan
I second Ian Sharp’s comments … all of them.

Council wants more time to respond to water plan
Oh, the bliss of reading a well written, well thought out and cogent response to an important topic [water management / sustainability in Alice].
I am so sick of the ‘growth at all costs’ argument; the ‘I wanna green lawn and it’s my right to have one’ argument; the ‘lets dig it up / sell it off as fast as we can’ argument; and the ‘let’s pretend we don’t live in an arid environment’ attitude.
Thank-you Jimmy for a sensible, real, dare I say sustainable article.

Recent Comments by Leigh Childs

Trady vs treadlie: ute driver blows top
A worrying aspect is that the driver, and many others like him, clearly does not know the road laws.
Page 81 of the NT Road Users Handbook clearly states: “You must also give way to a pedestrian crossing the road at a slip lane if you are turning left at the slip lane.”

Do you lose more than freedom when you are sent to gaol?
So the authorities remain scared of you, Erwin. Strange, isn’t it …

“Have a nice day” – in Alice it can be like this …
I recently climbed one of those gullies for the first time, wonderful, recommend it!

$60m church, town council deal may make Alice buzz
Craig, I am quite willing to hear your long winded explanations.
Do tell … I am all ears.

$60m church, town council deal may make Alice buzz
There has been a suggestion by one of our local architects to build a multi-storey retirement accommodation on the old Mobil service station site on Wills Terrace.
This building would face onto Anzac oval, a very pleasing aspect for living in a medium highrise but most important of all is that the residents wouldn’t need transport because they are there, right in town, in walking distance from movies, shops, churches, restaurants, post office etc.
Retirement villages are usually built on the outskirts of towns / cities, effectively isolating the residents who don’t drive anymore.
This happened to my dad, when he had to give up driving he didn’t feel confident enough to use the bus services.
Lots of retirees don’t want the hassle of gardens, especially in this climate. The CBD would benefit from having an influx of people living right in town.
At first I was a bit taken aback with a medium highrise in town but as was pointed out to me it is on the edge of the CBD and would not interfere with any sightlines. In fact the more I think about the advantages to all, the more I like it.
Alice Springs has already lost its Town Like Alice look and it has become an ordinary little town … look at the Hookers building or the new rusty rectangle near Kmart. Very ordinary buildings that say … nothing. They certainly do not say … outback … or Alice Springs.

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