Better to go up in a small town that has …

Comment on $60m church, town council deal may make Alice buzz by Brigida.

Better to go up in a small town that has no social night life at the heart of it … more room for social garden, cafe type spaces within the buildings spaces on ground level. Love it – let’s feed positive thought.

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Editor injured in hit and run
Hey thinking of you Erwin. Love the thumbs up – you truly are full to the brim with positiveness!! Murray and Bridge

Alice Springs man wins Telstra award
Hey Chris, I only just saw this article! You are an inspiration to me.

Sporting identity lashes out at real estate figure over boycott of children’s charity.
A threat by Andrew Doyle of Framptons is good advice Ralph Folds? Bullying is what it is and it attacks freedom of speech. My husband Murray values integrity (consistency of moral actions, adherence to moral character). If one gets embarrassed and shamed by the sudden airing of comments / actions made in private, then this is a lack of integrity and can only be corrected through exposure. Thank you Erwin for taking up the fight as you do without compromise.
Graeme Sumner, you grimace at Murray’s right to comment, yet you can accept Andrew Doyle of Framptons childish actions affecting a children’s charity – actions being the main word here.
Shame on you boys!!
We are forgetting the real victims here – the families suffering because of the lack of integrity shown to them and who would have suffered in silence if it wasn’t for the action taken by Murray, Erwin and a few other fantastic people to bring this story to light. Your courageousness impresses me.
Ralph and Graeme, can’t wait to see you batting for the underdog. Go on, surprise me!

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