Alice Springs would be a great place to make a …

Comment on $60m church, town council deal may make Alice buzz by Quinton Henwood.

Alice Springs would be a great place to make a new city.
It has an airport and the best view in Australia the Uluru rock! It is also in the centre of Australia.
Yes it can happen. Look at Dubai, look at Las Vegas, heck, look at Baghdad. Desert cities that have thrived.
The migrants from the Middle East would feel at home and it would also open up Central Australia by road and rail way to every other city.
Sydney and Melbourne are full and Brisbane and Perth will be full in just 20 years. Alice Springs is the perfect place for a future city.
We also have a responsibility as humans to help others, we will need two more cities within the next 100 years if we are going to take on the Chinese, Indian and American migrants who will force our governments’ hand for refuge.
Australia has the most unused land in the world per square meter.

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