From little things big things grow. …

Comment on Alice locals join Citizens for Action by Roger, senior from Darwin..

From little things big things grow.

Recent Comments by Roger, senior from Darwin.

CLP: Reform, new party or branch of Liberal Party?
If Adam Giles is re-elected he will no longer need to point in Parliament when using his favorite taunt “Unlike those Opposite,” as all of them will be opposite him.

Doubts remain about independent monitoring of fracking
Right from day one and ensuing inquiries regarding the process of hydraulic fracturing has always come back as “safe to proceed with robust regulation”.
Which has not been “classified, proven or ratified”.
Just about as good as giving a 10 year old a gun and advising very sternly: “Now you be careful with that thing!”

August poll: Giles promises on housing, tourism, gas
Mouth goes one way, belly goes the other. Why does the outgoing Member for Braitling ‘still’ reference all comments to the soundly defeated Labor Party four years ago?
Ultimate faith in the CLP spin doctors and monetarist support from The Ageing OLD BOYS CLUB (aka renewable management board) has actually been this government’s downfall and the polls come 27th August will forever be Adam Giles’s ultimate failure in politics as his lowest popularity survey ever.

Eli Melky to stand against Adam Giles
I have refrained from comments in the Alice Springs News Online over the previous weeks as election day draws near.
However, I must note that the scramble for nominees for the seat of Braitling is an indication of how effective the positive actions are of engaging with the citizens of Alice Springs such as by Phil Walcott.
He has been doing doing that since the very first protest of this CLP government’s actions and treatment of NT citizens.
This is now raising the hopes of latter day entrants who believe that yes, we can oust Giles after all.
It is rather like the jackals and scavengers seeking the lion’s share. Harsh but true.
I do hope those on the fringe remember to give the lion his dues with at least a preference vote.

At the Show, pollies can run, but they can’t hide
What a great roundup of observations from the editor! Many people in the NT echo these sentiments but are dismissed by those targeted as “those opposite” or anyone speaking out to be branded as scaremongers, peddling lies and spreading fear.
That’s us, voters, that now will be patronized by the CLP to vote them back in.
As a senior I cannot frame a better phrase than already in use, on election day PUT CLP LAST – that’s where they left us.
PS: Don’t forget former CLP members who have not atoned themselves and now claim Independence. Offer anyone the position of a CLP Chief Minister and see where they bed down.

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