So there you have it. The dirty little secret of …

Comment on No risk from uranium, thorium at mine near Alice: chairman by Brendan.

So there you have it. The dirty little secret of the anti nuclear fanatics promoting their expensive intermittent unreliable renewables! If you want a windmill, you need to mine Neodymium for the magnets, each one must create a minimum of 1.3 tonnes of “radioactive waste” which they then whinge and moan about, despite it being harmless.
If you want solar panels, you need to mine Cerium, which also always occurs with thorium therefore must also create “radioactive waste”, which they then do their deceitful little song dance about.
The real story is, the Greens party and its supporters like to engage in this hypocrisy, hiding their dirty little secrets, so long as they can dump their highly toxic waste, heavy metals and greenhouse gas production from solar panels out of sight, in someone else’s back yard, continue to pursue their hidden agenda receive support from their alliance with the fossil fuel industry.
Then they let windbags like Larry loose to fantasize about radiation levels he obviously has no material knowledge of, while ignoring the fact that every beach in suburban Perth, and every beach from Sydney to Brisbane, is just as radioactive from the exact same thorium.

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Erwin Chlanda, Editor