There is no such thing as a “natural justice right” …

Comment on Magistrate fails Transport Hall of Fame: Liz Martin by Ian Sharp.

There is no such thing as a “natural justice right” to comment in court about sentencing. Courts could turn into popular entertainment if this ever happened. Liz has a perfect right to comment outside the court, as she is doing very ably. She also has a right to ask the prosecutors to appeal the decision re restitution I would have thought?
Also, civil action against the thieves? Might lead to the sale of the car at least? Worth getting a legal opinion. Unfortunately there is a lesson here about keeping large sums on business premises, it seems word gets around. Bloody tough on the THofF though.

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Magistrate fails Transport Hall of Fame: Liz Martin
Crikey, anonymous “David”, there goes judicial independence, something our ancestors fought long and hard for in centuries past. Whoosh, gone. Find out more about it before you turf it out. What definition of “justice” are you using there?

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Looks like Wazza’s back
@ Gareth: I’m with Erwin on this one. Clearly labelled “comment”.

Jacinta Price spits dummy
@ Charlie Carter: Took your advice to John Bell, re-read Marcias’ article. Easily found. Puts a lot in perspective. Cheers.

Jacinta Price spits dummy
Well said, Alan Harrison.

Killerbots, guided by Pine Gap, same as any other weapon?
Thanks for the very informative article Kieran, much to ponder.

Charles Perkins: Australia’s Nelson Mandela
Great article. All Centralians should know the story.

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