Judges and magistrates should be elected by the people. Then …

Comment on Magistrate fails Transport Hall of Fame: Liz Martin by David.

Judges and magistrates should be elected by the people. Then we would see justice done.

Recent Comments by David

Young men get 15 years for gang rapes of European tourists
No Mz Anonymouz. It was them that did it, not their school teacher, cousin, friend. They have only themselves to blame you racist.

Booth resigns from the Town Council
What scandal? Typical of the small minded holier-than-thou tossers in Alice.
Was this an illegal venture being planned? No. This town really is going down tube.

Grog sellers liable, drinkers need permits: summit demands
Hear hear Arthur. What a load of rubbish this anti- grog brigade peddle!

Pedestrians ignore new $300,000 crossing at The Gap
This White Elephant is now a traffic hazard and should be dismantled. How did this get approved?

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