@5 Paul’s argument seems solid. And it cannot be disproven until …

Comment on Magistrate fails Transport Hall of Fame: Liz Martin by CB.

Paul’s argument seems solid. And it cannot be disproven until it has been tried. Criminals in our society have had it too easy for too long. How about our politicians / lawmakers grow a set of proverbials, and legislate restorative justice. Take this out of magistrates’ hands.
Magistrate Bamber should be required to satisfactorily and publicly explain to the Attorney General, his decision why NOT to award restitution, or be removed from the position of Magistrate.
The innocent suffer, criminals are tut-tutted. And this is socially accepted?

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Boost royalties, distribute CLC assets: Ryan’s fiery agenda
Ah, another firebrand who wishes to blame everything on us whitefellas. Until Centrecorp is publicly accountable for its massive asset base and shown to be legitimately distributing its profits to the broader Aboriginal population, how can there be any serious constructive way forward for ALL AUSTRALIANS?
The secrets behind CLC, Centrecorp and numerous “agencies” that are supposedly acting for the good of indigenous people are tightly kept because only a small minority of these people really do benefit. Such poverty and squalor in town camps and communities would not be to the current extent if an equitable distribution of profits actually existed.
CLC just provides another layer of smokescreen between legitimate business and the small number of “unnamed fatcats” that currently reap wealth which should be spread more realistically amongst the wider Aboriginal population.
If the likes of Centrecorp are such responsible corporate citizens, why not openly show the general public how it is of such great assistance to the very people it is supposed to represent.

Port Augusta’s Mayor: When softly-softly diplomacy isn’t enough to get a town out of the morass
Joy Baluch for PM!!!

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