Why is our law system so weak? Good people get …

Comment on Magistrate fails Transport Hall of Fame: Liz Martin by Kathy.

Why is our law system so weak? Good people get hurt and offenders get off to do the same thing again. I bet these people responsible for breaking into The Hall of Fame, (and I bet its not the first time they have tried) think nothing and feel no responsibility how Liz and her crew feel with their breaking in.
The law and these troublemakers hide behind the words, racist, alcohol, and any other excuse to not become responsible for their actions.
Does anyone see a bottle of Johnny Walker getting up and destroying property?
It’s the choice we all can make unless as we do blame others for our actions. It’s everyone choice to do what they do, not the victims’ or the alcohol’s.

Recent Comments by Kathy

Masters Games this October, not 2022: Lambley
The Masters Games being cancelled now has put a real damper on the start to bring tourism back to Alice, and of kick starting the local economy.
Why can we not have it, even if it is only Territorians, at least some businesses will start getting back onto their feet?
The staff have been in limbo and have most likely have everything in place.
If not, at least make it an entertainment event where all involved in the making of the Games enjoy a chance to join a sport to give it a try.
Or are we penalised because of the Berrimah line and and not wanting our oval destroyed?

Library no go for unaccompanied Alice teens
I agree with the rule of underaged children not allowed into the library.
Running around and yelling at each other is not in anyone’s interest and is not accecptable.
Like the above, they should be at school not in the library in school time.

CLP would build gallery at Desert Park, not Anzac precinct
Let’s hope the Government of the day listens to the people of Alice Springs and the Aboriginal people of this area and get it sorted.
All big projects in other towns around Australia are on the outskirts of town. Thinking of the future growth of the town and of course the parking problems already in town.

Standoff over Anzac Oval for gallery crescendoes
I find it interesting that the government does not want to listen to the people of Alice Springs.
An art gallery will not solve our problem in Alice Springs as far as tourism is concerned, and I have asked many guests, did you come up here to see the culture and most said no.
The Desert Park would be the ideal pace to have a gallery or add to the Araluen art gallery.
How many do we need in town?
Will the local tribes want the other tribes’ art in their town?
They argue and fight when they live in the same town, so how is this going to help their tribal relations.

COVID: Trouble in the bush
I agree with a lot of the above.
When is the Australian Government going to stand up and say WE ARE ALL AUSTRALIAN and we should be all treated the same on the same level.
No more Aboriginal this, Aboriginal that.
If people want to live on cattle stations, communities, town or in cities, we should be given all the same legal, social and financial rights, not this for some and this for others.

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