Although it doesn’t help with the costs, makes the …

Comment on Why don’t police come clean on drunks taken to hospital? by Francis Markham.

Although it doesn’t help with the costs, makes the FOI application process much easier. It has the added bonus of making the process public, so your readers can track the progress of your application.
If you lodge an application, let us know!
[ED – Many thanks, Francis!]

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Onshore gas bonanza: what role fracking?
I’m no geologist, but as I understand it the “onshore gas” in the NT is predominantly shale gas, as opposed to coal seam gas in the eastern states.
Shale gas is the major form of unconventional gas in the USA, and overwhelmingly is extracted using fracking and horizontal drilling.
I don’t think we would see onshore gas development in the NT without fracking.
Hopefully Land Councils will be able to give TOs sufficient information about the potential environmental impact such that they are able to grant or withhold fully informed consent for exploration licenses.

Snap, Rupert!
Glad to hear that your paper is still going strong.
It’s worth noting that I mostly read the Alice Springs News via your RSS feed – formerly via the discontinued Google Reader and now using Feedly.
This means that, according to Google Analytics, my readership doesn’t show up in your stats unless I click through to read the comments. A similar caveat might apply to your email newsletter.
In consequence, depending on how widespread this practice is among your readership, your statistics might be a substantial underestimate.

Big beautiful monoculture
The irony of these “Big Books” adorning a library which — as you rightly point out Kieran — has embraced multimedia, is that Shute’s enduring profile was largely built by the film and television adaptations of “A Town like Alice.”

Anderson says she is not in conflict with Chief Minister on bilingual schooling
Thanks for bothering to contact the minister to clarify her comment, unlike the other outlets who jumped at the opportunity to run a “CLP fractures as Alison Anderson bashes bilingual education” type headlines.

After pork barrelling and scandalous waste of money, business as usual after the election? Afraid so.
Thanks for your editorial Rolf. I’m particularly interested in your assertion that “…only 60% of these ‘earnings’ are actually applied to Aboriginal health, education, housing, etc. The rest goes to fund expenditure in Darwin”.
Have you published these findings in more detail elsewhere? My casual attempts to understand this money trail has always been lost among the twisty passageways of budget papers, CGC reports and annual reports.

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