Out of curiosity Erwin, is it possible to overlay a …

Comment on Why don’t police come clean on drunks taken to hospital? by Ray.

Out of curiosity Erwin, is it possible to overlay a graph of property crime for the same period (intro, removal of BDR)?
[ED – Hi Ray, I’ll give it a try. I wonder if the answer will again be “make an FOI application”.]
[ED, May 9: Hi Ray, page 106 of the Annual Crime Statistics published by the Department of Justice gives the “frequency of offences against property” in Alice Springs for the years 2006-07 to 2011-12. I could not find monthly figures, nor any more recent.
On page 37 of an untitled Department of Justice report you will find “Quarterly offences against property” for the calendar years 2011 and 2012. Also, you will find media releases on property Strike Force Vega on the police site.]

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24 hours to remove election signs
And on the definition, what is he intention of the word “dispenses”. You can dispense of something by giving it away, or by supplying it. “Dispenses of” or “dispenses with”?

24 hours to remove election signs
Interesting arguments on interpretation by Kieran and Confused. The question must now be, after a careful reading, is the by-law or its enforceability dispensed with, or merely the requirement to obtain permits in relation to those activities?

Curfew a child protection measure: Territory Alliance
@ CAYJ: It is not as simple as relying on a fact check from The Conversation, it would be easy to post a contrary view from any other source, which is more right leaning.
This is the problem with non-independent news sources, as a lot of the stories they present are flavoured by the news services they subscribe to.
This is one of the reasons I like the Alice Springs News, as it is not controlled and is truly independent.
When you say that the Northbridge curfew did not work, you need to expand on that with “which part” did not work as there are many aspects to it.
One of the criticisms of it is that critics state it moved offenders from one part (Northbridge) to another part of town.
This would not happen in Alice Springs because there is only one CBD area, not neighbouring ones like in Perth.
Again it depends on who you talk to to see the effectiveness of it. Talk to business owners, it was a success because it did see a displacement of the youths who were committing the crimes in the area (and other reasons), and despite a spike in 2007, it is now significantly lower.
Talk to social justice agencies and they will claim it was not a success due to it targeting Aboriginal youth and their rights (and other reasons).
Unfortunately I and many of my friends will not go into the Alice Springs CBD at night any more due to the very real risk of vehicles being damaged, being involved in or witnessing anti social behaviour, or coming home to a damaged house.
Look at the number of restaurants that have closed over the years, you can only afford so much insurance.
There are numerous examples of this occurring from either social contacts or social media (with photos and or video to substantiate the claims).
Regardless of the Northbridge example, the common theme is that we need some form of curfew, maybe not the exact same one. Everything we have tried before has failed to work, and it is now as bad as it has ever been.

Rosenberg’s rose coloured view of Pine Gap
I for one understand the strategic need for Pine Gap and similar places.
It is usually those with the best intelligence that wins a war, and if it comes to it I would rather be on the winning side thanks very much.
War is a very dirty business however we face enemies who don’t always play by the rules.
To understand the role intelligence gathering read a book about the Mossad called Gideons Spies.
The Chinese and other powers that may become direct threats to use must be rubbing their hands together with glee when they see our own citizens trying to tear down the defence network that has been built up over the years, given time and enough left wing protests to gradually chip away at what is necessary, they will be able to walk in one day and become our new masters with a lot less effort thanks to traitors who would have Pine Gap close its doors.
Our allies may use drone strikes which may go astray from time to time, but remember our enemies are more than happy to use aeroplanes full of people to achieve the same result.
The Americans who work for this vital asset are welcome and important to this town, and actively contribute to it whenever they can.
The reason you don’t get told some of the stuff they uncover is that if you knew the threats that exist, you would awake all night in fear.
Pine Gap is a line of defence between us and out nightmares that allow us to sleep at night. The threats are real, and the world is not unicorns and rainbows.

Black lives: generations pass; racism, custody deaths continue
Apologies to Ralph Folds. I misread the very beginning if the post, and mistook the word can for can’t. Happy to retract that.

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