Town council to manage swimming pool

The Alice Springs Town Council will take over the management of the Alice Springs Aquatic and Leisure Centre as of July 1,  Mayor Damien Ryan announced today.

He says it is not clear yet whether the cost to the council in 2013-14 will be higher than this financial year, as this is still part of the budget deliberations.
However, it is certain that recent increases in power and water costs will be a greater impost.
The council is already running the “back end” of the operation, such as maintenance.
The “front end” – managing and staffing the facility – is being done under one-year contract by CASA Leisure which will continue until the end of the contract on June 30.
Mayor Ryan says it is “the direction of this council” to expand its activities, similar to the running of the landfill which started about a year ago.

He says: “Council wants to build on the potential of the facility and believes the centre should be an integral part of council operations.

“We are in discussions with current staff to ensure a smooth transition and there will be no changes to the operation of the centre and opening hours.

“The centre is a fantastic facility and council will ensure that with the community’s ongoing support it continues to be one of the best recreational facilities in the Territory.”

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Erwin Chlanda, Editor

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  1. Amelia Missen
    Posted May 5, 2013 at 12:37 pm

    Sad to hear CASA will not be running the pool after 30 June. Their staff have always been very positive and are doing a great job of running the pool professionally. Especially during the Masters Games.
    Let’s hope Council can keep the staff who always make visitors welcome.
    Now the 50m pool and Toddlers pool have been closed off.
    I don’t think visitors have access to the BBQ or grassed areas. Winter is a great time to have “Fun in the Sun”. It is pretty sad not having the grassed area for families and visitors to Central Australia to relax once they have had a swim.

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