Sad to hear CASA will not be running the pool …

Comment on Town council to manage swimming pool by Amelia Missen.

Sad to hear CASA will not be running the pool after 30 June. Their staff have always been very positive and are doing a great job of running the pool professionally. Especially during the Masters Games.
Let’s hope Council can keep the staff who always make visitors welcome.
Now the 50m pool and Toddlers pool have been closed off.
I don’t think visitors have access to the BBQ or grassed areas. Winter is a great time to have “Fun in the Sun”. It is pretty sad not having the grassed area for families and visitors to Central Australia to relax once they have had a swim.

Recent Comments by Amelia Missen

The water is there, but our swamp is dying
Back in early eighties before the Burke Street redirection of the creek from Greenleaves caravan park (now housing), the creek flowed behind (the now) Community Garden, down through the Francis Smith park and through 13 Burke St where my friends lived.
They had to retrieve their pine bark from their garden at the Undoolya Road intersection.
The water from the Burke St creek would probably have flowed into the Coolabah swamp. An event never forgotten.

96 trees chopped down to ‘duplicate’ highway
Um!! If safety is the main reasoning for road widening on North Stuart Highway, can we have an update on pedestrian safety through the Gap? I would have thought that would be a priority.

Zoning: Racial segregation can start in primary school
Well done Steph.
This is a subject that has been getting to me for quite a few years now.
My children all attended Ross Park School.
But my grandchildren can’t because the dividing line has been made on Burke St.
So anyone living on New Eastside Kurrajong area have been cut out, even though it is a safe bike ride to school from Kurrajong area.
That’s why we pushed to put the speed humps in Burke St many years ago. Anyway, anyone interested can read the plethora of letters I have written to Dept of Education and Politicians.
Yes, I agree the policy has caused a huge divide in the community.

Alice Beat Festival no longer wanted?
Hi Markus, Please see below an email I sent to the Director of the NT music school. The reply basically was that they acknowledged your talent but someone was returning from leave, therefore your contract could not continue. Also unfortunately you need other qualifications for the position. I thought your talent and the beautiful respect you had from your students was proof enough. I hope you can continue in some musical capacity here in Central Australia. You were an asset. Amelia Missen

Dear Sir
I am writing to you to express my concern as to a rumour I heard regarding the fact that Markus Kuchenbuch has not had his contract renewed.

I would appreciate it if you could inform me of the exact situation.

The Alice Beat was a huge success this year. I was very impressed with Markus’s command of the 180 + students who sat on the stage at Araluen for at least two hours, their focus on Markus and his instructions at all times. I have never seen anyone command the respect of all the children, bush kids and town kids all singing together in harmony.

I would have thought that having such a talented musician working with the Department would be an asset to the whole of Central Australia.

As I have grandchildren and family attending school in Alice Springs. I am concerned that we continue to let talented people go.

I look forward to your reply.

Amelia Missen
Alice Springs

CBD revitalisation: no need to reinvent the wheel
I know we cant turn back the clock, but young families and youth were in the top end of Todd St before the Ford Plaza, now Alice Plaza. All the community groups such as Family Day Care, Toy Library, Nursing Mothers, Playgroups and many more were housed in the Old Library Building, but that was bulldozed and the groups were spread far and wide across town. Youth went to Shell Todd for their hamburgers and milkshakes and hung out.

More recently the teenagers were given skate ramp/furniture in the top end of the mall. But then, I think, were told they couldn’t use them. So apart from the markets, which are fantastic and special events, what does take a family to the Mall??

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