Builder Randal Carey willing to assist police



Randal Carey, the builder in the failed Frampton New Homes scheme, has indicated he is willing to cooperate with further police investigation of another matter, Justice Jenny Blokland heard in the Supreme Court this morning.


Crown Prosecutor Stephen Robson said he is in discussions with Mr Carey’s legal representatives over the possibility of a guilty plea. A draft of facts to be agreed would be ready to forward to them today. Michael Burrows for Mr Carey said he had instructions and once confirmed, would be ready to enter the plea next Monday, the scheduled date for Mr Carey’s trial to begin.


Sentencing could follow later in the week, allowing time beforehand for Mr Carey to assist police. Such assistance could help Mr Carey’s sentencing prospects.


Mr Robson said if the plea fell through the Crown could be in all sorts of difficulty to immediately go ahead with the trial, which would involve “a great number of witnesses”. Justice Blokland nevertheless hopes that the trial, if it comes to that, would go ahead in this sittings.


She asked Mr Burrows to contact her chambers if anything looks set to change.

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