This what happens when stupid people get to spend taxpayers …

Comment on Pedestrians ignore new $300,000 crossing at The Gap by DD.

This what happens when stupid people get to spend taxpayers money. Little Sisters mob didn’t want it – no one else wants it.
Never mind, a large semi will demolish it soon and that will be the end of it.

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Residency is at risk, says heritage group
@Faye Alexander
I would not bee keen to see the Residency used as offices. However as it does serve hot beverages and food on festive occasions, this has become an accepted practice, and is only one step away from doing it commercially.
Some of the best times I’ve ever had is enjoying afternoon tea on the Residency Lawns and I’m sure others would get as much pleasure as I did. Let’s bring it back to life, respect it but share the joy as well.
Asking volunteers to open and then sit the Residency day in and day out, year in and year out is a bit too much of an ask, especially as volunteers are becoming harder to engage in this day and age.

Residency is at risk, says heritage group
In answer to other posts: A properly structured income stream for the Residency (and any other heritage building) would go a long way to securing their future.
A tea or coffee venue with indoor and outdoor seating along with a small gift shop would not only overcome the perceived problem of viability from some in the community, but would turn it in to a real asset.
I asked several people today about what should be done and everyone is in favour of the coffee shop idea and most are not concerned about the small changes that may come about if the kitchen is modified. Life is after all, is full of compromises.

Residency is at risk, says heritage group
My reply to Domenico Pecorari: I don’t supply my name and never will – my choice.
I did my share of looking after some of the heritage buildings for the community years ago. My sis once sat the Residency. I loved the buildings and the history, but found the long lonely hours of ‘house minding’ and the politics surrounding them not conductive to happy volunteering. I don’t see many people who are complaining about the present situation rushing out volunteer as sitters. It has always been like this – always.
The Residency is special, but hasn’t appealed to tourists in the way it should, I’m not sure why. It seems to be dying a slow death, perhaps a caring tenant will give it a new life. It would make a great coffee shop and could sell touristy stuff.
I am sitting here with my family talking about it and all nine of us would make it our regular coffee shop if it’s to go that way.

No hard feelings for Giles, says Anderson
Alison, I hope, will one day share her stories about the politics of the bush with us all.
Perhaps this is a blessing in disguise. It would give her time to write the book we all need to read … about how the Labor Party controlled the communities and the tools they used to it.
Tell it Alison, tell it all!

Residency is at risk, says heritage group
The real failure is the National Trust! It has failed to protect the Residency by not implementing an income stream.
It could have been used (as it was pre-National Trust) to sell local art and craft. It has kitchen, it could sell morning and afternoon teas. The entrance area is large enough for small conferences.
As it is, the National Trust has let it sit for years. They cannot even manage a decent garden.
If it is to be ‘saved’ and used for these purposes, it needs to removed from the incapable hands of the so-called – National Trust. Some trustees!

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