Builder Carey pleads guilty to reduced charges, talks to police



Randal Carey (pictured at right), the builder in the failed Frampton New Homes scheme, will today be interviewed by police about “other matters”, having pleaded guilty this morning to nine charges of obtaining benefit by deception.

Sentencing has been adjourned until tomorrow, allowing more time for facts to be finalised and for further quantification of losses with victims, with a view to compensatory orders being applied for. Prosecutor Stephen Robson (at left) said it would be “a race against time” but “the Crown will do its best”. Mr Carey was represented by Peter Maley in court.

The deception to which Mr Carey pleaded guilty was in all cases to do with falsely representing Carey Builders Pty Ltd as a registered builder and falsely representing himself after a certain date as a registered builder.

The amount of money obtained from his victims came to more than $1.7m.

In earlier stages of these proceedings Mr Carey had faced 26 charges. It appears that one charge of obtaining benefit by deception and 17 other charges have been dropped. They concerned procuring another to sign or execute a document;  attempts to procure unauthorized status; and, making a document purportedly by another for the benefit of himself.

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