Ahh Kieran, as always, I just love reading the stuff …

Comment on Haunting excursion into Alice’s psyche by Sandy.

Ahh Kieran, as always, I just love reading the stuff you write. For me, your style of writing captures whatever anyone is saying and it always makes it so easy for me to take it all in. Thank you; as Craig says, it does make you want to read the book.

Recent Comments by Sandy

CLP candidates: Representing you or their party?
Erwin Chlanda your smug reporting of the closure and ownership of Alice Springs Camera Shop is totally incorrect and has nothing whatsoever to do with Damien Ryan.
Perhaps you need to check your facts with the real owners of the Alice Springs Camera Shop which has actually relocated. Sorry, I’ve run out of eggs!

Lambley: Gunner Government gives away $5m youth camp
This is an absolute outrage!
Mr Gunner, giving away a $5m youth facility to traditional owners on Loves Creek is criminal.
It is akin to the decision to provide $12m to the Darwin Turf Club!
Minister Dale Wakefield and Chancey Paech, if you have any comprehension about the impact this could have on youth you would be best to talk to a person in your family, your uncle, who knows about this project and can help make changes so it can operate effectively.
Please, before it is too late.
Chancey, as the Member for Namatjira you need to stop this from going ahead!
Talk to your uncle who was involved in the project. I truly hope you can see that Minister Wakefield is absolutely wrong in her decision.

Old Timers Village resident locked in
Good on the daughter for taking care of her father. Old Timers Aged Care, AARC, Flynn Lodge staff do a great job.
I agree with Ralph, JennyWalsh and MandyWebb, each case is different, but these Old Timers are there for their own protection.

Town under pressure from visitor boom
More empty words from Councillor Banks.
Why doesn’t she put her effort into getting Ilparpa footpath finished instead of putting up stupid motions which unnecessarily delayed that project?
In fact she has stopped work continuing since March this year.
Prior to that, the lads were doing a stirling job.
There are no sacred sites impeding this pathway apart from the trees which have previously been reported on by AAPA to allow for the optic fibre cable along Ilparpa Road.
Rightly, the lads have left all other corkwoods etc standing. No trees have been removed.
RESOLUTION: I move that council stop bullshitting around and resume the job immediately.

Now you see it, now you don’t
If you are interested and want to know what’s going on then I suggest you have your say at the next Ilparpa Claypans Lovers Meetings first Saturday of every month.
So next meet is June 3 from 10-11 am Gazebo Table, Bean Tree Cafe, Olive Pink Botanical Gardens. The group have also put out a users’ survey. No names of coordinators at all.

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