I would like to offer my support to this beautiful, …

Comment on MLA Bess Price on ‘the killing of our women, abuse of our kids’ by Hazel.

I would like to offer my support to this beautiful, brave woman, Bess Price, who I cry for. I have seen this in suburbia and it breaks my heart. Abuse is abuse, murder is murder and should be punished as such no matter who.
I don’t know what the answers are, so much damage has been done.
I hope that she is listened to which doesn’t sound like it with Mrs Lawrie putting a stop to her speech.
Mrs Lawrie, you need to examine your conscience and try to understand what Bess Price is talking about.
All people who consider themselves human beings should be listening to her.
No place for political game play, just do whatever it takes to save lives.
I am so sorry that you and your family have suffered so much, Ms Price.

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