Bess – Absolutely fantastic – at last – your spoken …

Comment on MLA Bess Price on ‘the killing of our women, abuse of our kids’ by Veronica.

Bess – Absolutely fantastic – at last – your spoken words are what I have always thought.
Delia Lawrie listen and learn shame on you for trying to gag these words which all of us need to hear and act upon. I was a Labor voter. Now I will not be voting for you!
I have seen and been concerned about the violence and abuse of Aboriginal women and children over the last 36 years that I have lived here.
I always wondered why the fly in fly out “moralising do-gooders” whom I have known and observed in Alice Springs perpetuating their condescending and patronising treatment of Aboriginal people as if they knew better are still getting the last word, long after they have done their damage and gone.
I always wondered why Aboriginal people put up with them. I can clearly see now how insidiously this repressive and bullying treatment is and you were not putting up with it, you were being silenced.
Good on you Bessie Price you have my support.

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