All people must face the consequences for their actions, white, …

Comment on MLA Bess Price on ‘the killing of our women, abuse of our kids’ by Janet.

All people must face the consequences for their actions, white, black, female, male, children – everyone.
Bess is dead right! Feminists would be up in arms about the violence endured by women and children in Aboriginal camps.
It is like living in a parallel universe seeing the lengths that some commentators will go to in an attempt to absolve violent perpetrators of any responsibility.
A lot of the children in these camps are being brought up in communities where there is no responsibility taken for any actions. Shoplifting, wagging school, hitting out at playmates and even adults – no consequences.
I once witnessed a young man kicking an older man while he was on the ground. I called the police and the whole group that was surrounding the action (men, women and children) converged on me yelling at me and telling me it was okay – because the man on the ground was the young man’s uncle.
When the police arrived the young man ran and was assisted in getting clear by the actions of those with him. The police caught up with him and took him into custody, but I am unaware of the consequences.
I have witnessed female on female violence and called the police, only to be threatened myself.
I will continue to call the police every time I see violence, no matter the perpetrator and victim.
The people involved always seem to think they should be treated differently because “it is family” or “none of my business”.
The most distressing aspect in all of these incidents is the children witnessing it and knowing that they are being warped and there is a very high risk of them perpetuating that behaviour and attitude into the future.
The children must be protected or we will not have a stolen generation, we will have a missing generation.
I know Bess to be woman of very high integrity who is rightfully distressed at the state of Aboriginal welfare in this country. She deserves support and recognition as a woman who can and will make a difference to her people and in doing so, to all Australians.
She is a true feminist and Aboriginal leader.

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Erwin Chlanda, Editor