I applaud Bess for speaking up and more importantly tabling …

Comment on MLA Bess Price on ‘the killing of our women, abuse of our kids’ by Peta.

I applaud Bess for speaking up and more importantly tabling this in Parliament where one would hope there will be some action taken at a political level to make positive changes.
I have been involved in Aboriginal Health for longer than 30 years and it has been with great sadness and feelings of helplessness that I have been confronted by these issues that Beth is describing on many occasions.
The system that has been created makes it a government problem to fix when in fact these issues should be individual and family responsibility, not just community responsibility. We hear a lot about rights and responsibility (it is introduced in schools) but very little about also accepting the consequences that go with these.

I also complement the Alice Springs News Online for leading the discussion on many social justice issues that affect our community. The main stream media in many cases shy away from such issues or sensationalise them in the guise of selling papers. In many cases their reporters appear not to have the intellectual capacity to report factually an unbiased controversial story that would even promote discussion to affect social change.

I wish to also comment that “yes” I am one of those faceless people who requests that my name not be published. Not because I am in fear of recrimination but because this is my view and not the view of my employer.
Unfortunately, in many areas of employment to speak or have an opinion on many matters in the media could be seen as in breach of employer Code of Conduct and a disciplinary matter in the workplace.

Recent Comments by Peta

Final act in a history of violence
When is enough enough? The excuses for violence and repeated violence is never ending. The man in question was adult enough to take a wife (not just one but two) and father children, and adult enough to make decisions and choices about grog and gunga but clearly not adult enough to take responsibility for his behaviour (history of violence) and face acceptable consequesnces not a slap on the wrist.
Not only has he brutally killed a young woman and denying her of her basic human right to life but has also denied two young children the right to grow up with their mother.

Tell the government what you want, Alison Anderson
Very well said Steve.
Alison has a strong voice and as a member of the current government needs to be part of the solution and not cause further disruption. Central Australia currently has the strongest representation of the elected government and for the first time in a very long time the CA members are in the position to make a real difference throughout CA, not just the urban communities.

Was Framptons real estate agent David Forrest considering a career change?
I concur with the comments of all of the previous writers. Having had personal experience of your ethical journalism I believe that our town is better off with you and your team at the helm of the Alice Springs News Online. I also acknowledge that this comes with a high personal cost to you all.

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