Centre 4th out of 7 in per capita capital works spend



Central Australia is in fourth place among the Territory’s seven regions when it comes to per capita expenditure for capital works in the 2013/14 NT Budget.


The calculations do not not include the Power Water Corporation.


East Arnhem is at the top with $3350, followed by Barkly ($3214).


The Palmerston and Litchfield region is third with $3016.


Central Australia is a fairly distant fourth with $2386 per man, woman and child.


Then come Top End Rural ($1532), Katherine ($1309) and Darwin is at the bottom with $927.


The figures were released today by Treasurer Dave Tollner following a question by the Alice Springs News Online at last Friday’s Chamber of Commerce Budget luncheon.


“Capital works spend per capita” quoted in the table below does not include Across Regions projects. The figures are for capital works only and do not include repairs and maintenance nor minor new works.


Details of the capital works in the various regions can be found in Budget Paper # 4.

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