Thanks for the uplifting story, Suzanne. You, Mike, Bob, all …

Comment on Of real estate, roses and living in the CBD by Sandy.

Thanks for the uplifting story, Suzanne. You, Mike, Bob, all of you are right – Alice is a great town and I would like a dollar for all those who have left, only to return at a later date. One day the CBD will be filled with residential living and shops will be abuzz again. Sooner, rather than later, I hope.

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Lucky the Town Council isn’t in the forestry business
Aaaaaah the insanity, the stupidity! It’s bureaucracy gone MAD! Thin the ranks, and sack the elected members! CEO Jennings, it is time to take charge of this rabble! I’ve really had enough of this lot! Amen.

Melky proposes rate reduction as part of virus response
@Peter. I hope you are referring to a 30% cut to the ASTC office staff numbers which have continually increased from approx 100 in 2012 to over 200 today, while numbers at the depot are still low. I trust that Council will also regain the extraordinary $6mill outstanding for past waivers approved to ratepayers in cases of alleged extreme hardship.
I applaud Councillor Melky’s efforts towards Alice Springs ratepayers and the town’s economy on which Coronavirus is inevitably having an added impact: However, rather than a kneejerk reaction, and rather than bulk sackings, we need the Captain of the ship to give a “steady as she goes!”
According to National Census our population has dropped significantly, no doubt about it, but if we assume that we still have the same ratepayer base of 6,000 that we had in 2012 then that means ASTC budget for office staff numbers should and must reflect that. We would expect staff decreases, with a combination of natural attrition, and redundancy. As a longtime ratepayer, I would expect rates increases to be marginalised for a period in line with economic recovery. However, we can’t expect everything for free!! I would respectfully welcome a review on staff numbers in due process. There should ALWAYS be more people on the ground than in the office.

CLP candidates: Representing you or their party?
Erwin Chlanda your smug reporting of the closure and ownership of Alice Springs Camera Shop is totally incorrect and has nothing whatsoever to do with Damien Ryan.
Perhaps you need to check your facts with the real owners of the Alice Springs Camera Shop which has actually relocated. Sorry, I’ve run out of eggs!

Lambley: Gunner Government gives away $5m youth camp
This is an absolute outrage!
Mr Gunner, giving away a $5m youth facility to traditional owners on Loves Creek is criminal.
It is akin to the decision to provide $12m to the Darwin Turf Club!
Minister Dale Wakefield and Chancey Paech, if you have any comprehension about the impact this could have on youth you would be best to talk to a person in your family, your uncle, who knows about this project and can help make changes so it can operate effectively.
Please, before it is too late.
Chancey, as the Member for Namatjira you need to stop this from going ahead!
Talk to your uncle who was involved in the project. I truly hope you can see that Minister Wakefield is absolutely wrong in her decision.

Old Timers Village resident locked in
Good on the daughter for taking care of her father. Old Timers Aged Care, AARC, Flynn Lodge staff do a great job.
I agree with Ralph, JennyWalsh and MandyWebb, each case is different, but these Old Timers are there for their own protection.

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