Police Strike Force Vega targets property offenders

Police Strike Force Vega has made 145 arrests in relation to property in its 14 weeks in Alice Springs, says Detective Superintendent Brent Warren.


A further 49 people have been summonsed in relation to 517 offences, and eight search warrants were executed.


“Investigators have remained focused on managing repeat property offenders and conducting regular checks to confirm that they are complying with their bail conditions,” says Superintendent Warren. “If they fail to comply with their bail conditions then they get arrested. Further offending whilst on bail is not tolerated.


“Investigators work with crime scene examiners and members from the forensic science branch, ensuring that there is a fast turn around on fingerprint hits, valuable evidence which is then used to arrest the offender.


“We have seen a reduction in unlawful entries as a result of these efforts,” he says.


“Earlier this month Investigators arrested a 14-year-old male in relation to rock throwing incident involving a taxi. The youth, a known property offender was also arrested for a number of property related offences and breach of bail.


“Officers have also recovered a number of motorbikes stolen from carports in recent weeks. In one instance Strike Force Vega officers recovered a motorbike before the owners had reported it stolen.”

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