I think the roundabout being erected at this time has …

Comment on Town Council black spot mad dash for cash? by M Miller.

I think the roundabout being erected at this time has a lot to do with one of the council members newly having a baby! Same as the 40 speed limit in the same area just popping up for no reason! From what I’ve heard anyway!

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Alice Springs Facebook vigilantes or neighbourhood watch?
Nice to see ERWIN CHLANDA still cannot actually REPORT on things, but rather can cut and paste like a little kindergarten child trying to give a one way story! What about reporting on WHY these sites have started popping up! The town is SICK OF IT! You need only drive around town and look at all the 6 foot fences being erected around town, we need to live in fortresses to “almost” feel safe, and yet they STILL break into our sacred “fortress”. REPORT ON REAL PROBLEMS ERWIN! Any child can learn to “cut and paste” on a computer.
[ED – Mai has a very poor understanding of what journalists do. In essence they quote what people say and report what they do, so long as it is newsworthy. The story she refers to was about a local online group of more than 1000 people some of whom advocate taking the law into their own hands and shooting burglars. That is news. We also reported that the group helps solving crimes.
Mai will have observed that subsequent to our report, and doubtlessly because of it, managers of the site have made significant changes.
As you can see in our story archive of five million words, in its nearly 20 years in publication the locally owned Alice Springs News has been in the forefront of local debate and reporting about law and order issues, without fear or favour, going well beyond the media releases from governments.
We are also providing a forum for discussion for the entire spectrum of views, right across the community (including Mai). In the last six months we have published more than 1000 comments from readers.]

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