Please don’t focus on the one comment. There was much …

Comment on COMMENT: Alice is not sad, Alice is real by Lizzie Gilliam.

Please don’t focus on the one comment. There was much praise for the positive aspects of the town and region. The writer explored the town extensively in the relatively short time he was here and, I believe, covered more than most travel guide update writers because he had local contacts and had been here several times.

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Taxpayer funded firm sends woman bush, unprepared
I believe this is a breach of the WHS Act 2013. Staff need to be trained, adequately equipped and supported to travel remotely.

Youth crisis: broken window of tolerance
Well-written and thought-provoking article. Well done, Rainer.

Wakefield dodges questions on threats of violence to kids
I think she answered the questions fairly. Those sorts of threats on social media are a matter for the police.

No-brainer # 2
Re the statistics about police numbers in Tennant Creek: It is a blunt instrument to simply do a per capita analysis without also taking into account the isolation, lack of services, cultural factors, demand and supply of alcohol, and complexities of living and working in such a remote location.

Hard day in court ends with gesture of catharsis
Thanks, Russell. You should write more often. In your spare time, perhaps?

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