Government alcohol plan for Alice Springs



Sir – We will develop a new town-wide Alcohol Management Plan for Alice Springs, over-sighted by a newly created Alice Springs Alcohol Reference Group and involving community and stakeholder consultation, including licensees and Indigenous organisations.


The plan will contain local-based strategies that build on and enhance past and existing programs right across the alcohol supply, demand and harm reduction areas.


Finalising this plan by 1 December 2013 will assist in curbing alcohol related harm in the town. The NT Government is developing a comprehensive suite of measures including mandatory treatment in an effort to improve the health outcomes for chronic alcoholics, their families and the broader community. These measures will fit with the Alcohol Management Plan.


Problem drinkers have a right to the best medical treatment available to help them get control of their addiction and their lives, including the right to help from qualified clinicians and counsellors. The revolving door of protective custodies and sobering up shelters is not working.


The former Territory Government tried in vain to re-develop a town-wide plan in Alice Springs but were unable to get everyone to pull in the same direction with meeting after meeting for months but no outcome.


Health Minister Robyn Lambley

Chief Minister Adam Giles

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  1. Domenico Pecorari
    Posted July 9, 2013 at 7:00 pm

    A very welcomed announcement by the Giles government. All the right words, all in their right place, but will the Minister really listen to the people’s voices? The resulting document will tell. Roll on December 1st.

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