Following on from the builders meeting in Alice Springs the …

Comment on Don’t do a U-turn on consumer protection by Phil Dwyer.

Following on from the builders meeting in Alice Springs the Builders Collective staged a builder information meeting in Darwin last Thursday the 11th of July at the Darwin Turf Club that was well attended by Darwin builders.
We are currently producing a video of the event that we will provide to the Alice Springs News when available.
The overwhelming outcome was that the building industry is happy to fund a consumer protection regime based on the regime being under the direct control of Government that will provide real protection to all consumers who are faced with a building failure.
The fee, the levy, or the premium we pay would build a discretionary fund managed by Government and overseen by industry, Government, and consumer representation.
The reinstatement of the existing Home Building Certification Fund (HBCF) would be an appropriate vehicle for such a regime with enhanced procedures delivering a compliant industry and genuine FIRST RESORT consumer protection (Insurance as we know it).
The LAST RESORT Fidelity Fund put in place by Master Builders through the previous Labor Government was soundly rejected as it is a Last Resort scheme with such a narrow claim criteria it has been described by “Choice” our national consumer advocate as Junk Policies / certificates making a mockery of consumer protection.
Many consumers have now come to the forefront as a result of all the publicity generated around the Darwin meeting and we have found the Building Advisory Service (BAS) has failed in providing assistance to them, and we only discovered the fact that the NT Ombudsman tabled this Report in Parliament in March this year:
The report confirms the outcomes they found as described in the report apply to the consumers we met last week and the Ombudsman recommended the Building Advisory Services to apologise in writing to the consumers mentioned in their report.
Due to the complaints being received by the Ombudsman there is a distinct chance there may a further investigation into the Building Advisory Services and its roles in dealing with consumers and builder failures including the controversial Randall Carey failure.

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Recent Comments by Phil Dwyer

Builders’ insurance review still on the wrong track
The Peter Chandler review of the RBC was delivered to the Builders Collective by Deloittes on December 18, 2013, some five months late, and is a document devoid of any substance or integrity.
The Builders Collective of Australia rejects its presentation as a document not to be relied on as it is not factual nor is it accurate.
The panel devoid of consumer or industry representation were charged with three terms of reference and the first and the most important was to apply the RBC criteria to the 60 builder failures in the Territory over the past six years, as these very failures were the reason the RBC was introduced according to MBA and BAS.
The review bypassed applying the RBC criteria to the previous failures which is nothing short of mischievous, and reviewed on the basis all were eligible to claim which is far from fact, and none of their findings can be construed as reliable.
The RBC Fidelity Fund must be removed and replaced with a genuine consumer protection regime that includes proper industry management which can be achieved very simply by updating and enhancing the previous scheme which should have been done in the first instance.
It is time for Government to act as far too much of our money has been wasted already that could have been spent on the impacted consumers of the current and past regimes.
Phil Dwyer
Builders Collective of Australia

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