Yarns & fierce contest under a brilliant winter sky

Grass Stocking Creature (grass must be growing), Best Decorated Gum Boots and Floral Saucer in Wet Sand (Saucer edge & sand to be completely covered) are just three of the classes in the Horticulture Section of the 54th Annual Alice Springs Show.
There are dozens of sections and hundreds of classes, stretching from show jumping and Western horseback riding in the outdoor ring to Monochrome / Colour Photos – People indoors.
Entries come from all age groups and competition for the coveted blue first prize tickets is fierce.

Telstra would have scored badly, leaving their customers without mobile phone connection for most of their day at the show.
And nearly the whole town is there, 18,000 through the gate over the two days, having lots of yarns under the big blue winter sky.
If you bump into someone only once a year, Show Day is usually the occasion.
Tomorrow’s highlights: Finals of the equestrian events, best watched from the grandstand, the bronco branding (see VIDEO of the spectacular in 2011) and, of course, the fireworks!

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