It is disappointing to see the NT government moving against …

Comment on Alice water cap lifted ‘under pressure from political advisers’ by Tanya Howard.

It is disappointing to see the NT government moving against considered and informed local water allocation planning. The development of the Alice Springs Water Plan was based on a long period of community education and consultation, formed the basis of effective water conservation programs and enabled the Alice Springs community to benefit from a substantial investment in water savings through the Federal Government’s recently ceased Water Smart program.
Steve Brown consistently demonstrates his own political partisanship by attempting to associate all concerns for the security of Alice’s water supply with ALEC – he neglects to mention the long term efforts and financial contributions of Power and Water, Alice Springs Town Council, the NTG and numerous businesses in the town that have worked hard to ensure that wasteful water use is not the norm.
Anne Pye could never have been called a rabid greenie – she grew up in Alice Springs and has a long connection with the pastoral industry in the town. If she felt the need to resign and make the reasons public, it is fair to say that the development agenda of the current government is posing a serious threat to the future security of Alice Springs’ water supply.
[ED – Ms Pye’s letter was leaked to the Alice Springs News Online – she did not give it to us. We sought comment from her but she did not provide any.]

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