Congratulations to Enid. Well done. However I don’t agree with with …

Comment on Rotary women to the fore, honour for prison volunteer by Hermann Weber.

Congratulations to Enid. Well done.
However I don’t agree with with Erwin on his comments about pinstriped suits and stiff upper lips. I remember my time as an Apexian when we all considered that those Rotarians like Len Kittle, Reg Harris, Bill Westlau and many more had all the fun while we were doing the hard yakka. What times they were.

Recent Comments by Hermann Weber

A star on British TV, ignored by Tourism NT
I watched both episodes and was very impressed. It beggars belief that whoever is involved in Tourism in Alice and indeed the Territory doesn’t jump in with both feet. What a promotion for the Centre this is.
Has everyone gone to sleep up there?
Hermann Weber

Season’s Greetings to all our readers and friends of the Alice Springs News Online!
Hi Erwin,
We wish you and Kieran a happy Xmas and a successful New Year.
After ten years away I still log on to your site every week. It keeps me in touch with the place were I spent most of my life.
And it pleases me no end you are still going after good friend of mine (God rest his soul) predicted you wouldn’t last twelve month.
All power to you.

If the trucks stop, so will Alice …
Not wishing to discourage the search for solutions as outlined I find it depressing that we are still exploring the avenues to solve those problems.
Anyone having experience (and I go back many decades) knows this has been worked through, planned for, talked about ad infinitum. Just look at the gardens and industries that existed in Hermannsburg in the past. Other examples would be Yuendumu, Warrabri, Areyonga and others. Will anything ever change?
I wish you Good Luck.

Letter: The more things change the more they stay the same
As much as I would like to commend Steve on his faith it is unfortunate that the truth is far more on the side of Alex.
Living away from it all it never ceases to amaze me to come across abysmal ignorance in all these matters down here. I feel much of the reason for this is that there is no sense of what has gone on before and we are constantly re-inventing the wheel with every new generation in politics and the workforce. I despair that we will ever learn.
Hermann Weber

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