During the most recent public meeting concerning the DRAFT ALICE …

Comment on Getting all steamed up over water by Bob Taylor.

During the most recent public meeting concerning the DRAFT ALICE SPRINGS WATER ALLOCATION PLAN and in my written submission, I raised the issue of the “knowledge gaps” mentioned in the draft plan.
Basically I was saying “How will environmental impacts be determined with some degree of accuracy on groundwater if the many knowledge gaps and comprehensive baseline studies have not been done?”
Obviously, if these baseline studies have not or will not be done in the immediate future and the knowledge gaps not filled, how can the community or business plan ahead for the short and long term if the powers that be in this matter do not invest resources in the necessary research and studies?
If the steam rises to Top End on this matter funds could be invested in the necessary groundwater research.

Recent Comments by Bob Taylor

Another great river tree goes up in flames
Thank you Alex for your explanation of how this fire started.
My comment below was a general comment in nature and based on historical observations and experience. However I agree with your assessment of how this fire started and the underlying human intervention in the river that led to this and other trees being made vulnerable to any ignition source.
The Todd River and all dry inland waterways are finely balanced eco systems that do not react well to modern human meddling and any future human intervention to facilitate flow, create levies or to beautify the banks will need to be expertly managed, if at all.

Locally produced hemp could replace plastic
Trevor: Love your letters, ideas and comments on various scientific based potential opportunities which could enhance the NT economy.
I hope someone in government or a local with the means is reading, listening and paying attention to your ideas.
Unfortunately I think what happens is individuals, businesses and maybe even foreign interests read these postings and ideas and incorporate them into their own business or corporate plans and run with them.

Another great river tree goes up in flames
An abandoned camp fire or some other form of human activity may be what started this fire, but as said in the many other stories on this topic over the years, the spread of couch grass around and into the base of the trunks of these trees is the reason fire takes hold and destroy the trees from the inside of the hollow trunk.

The ups and downs of high rise in Alice Springs
This phenomenon would appear to be associated with some towns or cities who playing second or third fiddle economically to the state capital.
An example would be Launceston, which has a rich commercial history, problematic recent commercial development and ongoing ups and downs in regards to high rise.
Tasmania also has a north south divide similar to the NT, with Launceston mostly playing second fiddle to Hobart.

Cops at bottle shops: expensive bluff?
At no cost to the tax payer I assume, I was asked similar questions by an employee of a bottle shop in Port Augusta who entered the details of our purchase in a note book and was obviously enforcing the SA legislation.
No need for a POSI there, it would appear that the responsibility and cost of enforcing the SA Liquor Act is absorbed by the licensee.

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