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Passing through light and time

Anatomy Lesson – You. Me. Us. Rod Moss retrospective opens. Araluen Galleries till August 11, 2013.












Different words, different ideas: family talk in Arrernte

Anpernirrentye – Kin and skin. Talking about family in Arrernte by Veronica Perrurle Dobson AM and John Henderson. IAD Press, 2013.











The politics of love

From Alice with Love. Jo Dutton’s third novel. Arena, Allen  & Unwin, 2013.














Across the world, through time: a quest for meaning

Belomor by Nicolas Rothwell. Text Publishing, 2013.












Haunting excursion into Alice’s psyche

Craig San Roque’s The Long Weekend in Alice Springs. Adapted and drawn by Joshua Santospirito. San Kessto Publications, 2013.










Town camp artists do it their way

Our Way, Their Way, at RAFT Artspace, 2013. An exhibition by Tangentyere Artists and Yarrenyty Arltere Artists.

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