Australia consigns them to … No one forces them to …

Comment on Footy glory for Centre’s best lasts just a weekend by Mick.

Australia consigns them to …
No one forces them to live in the communities. Of course there are no jobs in there communities, there is no industry there, no tourism no need for jobs other then the store or council.
I moved to get a job away from my family, I am indigenous just like them so don’t blame it on the government or whatever else.
These people are happy collecting the CDEP and the dole.
Unless you want to work you won’t get people to work no matter the colour of there skin, they need to stop the hand outs.
This is 2013 not 40,000 years ago – I still enjoy learning about my culture in northern Queensland but at the end of the day, we don’t live that way anymore because technology continues to improve our lives.
[ED – Our reference “consigns them” relates to the ongoing provision of the hand outs to which you are referring.]

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Completely agree James … Mismanagement of funds seems to be a common theme in the NT.

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