I was a nurse in the communities and my husband …

Comment on Footy glory for Centre’s best lasts just a weekend by Donna Field.

I was a nurse in the communities and my husband and I brought home a teenage boy and put him through three years of private school.
His family didn’t bother to keep in touch with him and he felt forgotten, when he went home on holidays the kids from the community teased him and at times physically injured him.
He often said when we asked him what he dreamed of after school: “I’m going to go home and sit down.”
Three years of seeing what he could achieve if he finished school, he knew what he could become and be. But initiated at 16 and he never returned for school despite endless efforts from us.
He now sits down and his future looks like more of the same. Half an education, no real life skills, no role models, no dreams.
As he said to me I’ll never be able to buy a house in my community and people drink in Alice Springs so I don’t want to live there.
Why should I be the only one that goes to school?
I agree, the white fellas should pull out and the hand outs should stop. Only when the community truly knows what they want for themselves, and they achieve it for themselves no matter how long it takes, will positive change happen. The old saying: you have to hit rock bottom and then find the way back up.

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