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Comment on Voting for change? Don’t hold your breath. by Erwin Chlanda.

Re Russell Guy and Ian Sharp: In the context of your comments it is worth mentioning that the Alice Springs News Online does not normally allow people to attack individuals from a vantage point of anonymity. With Mr Snowdon the issue is different.
In the past couple of years he has not responded to about a dozen requests for comment from us. Now he is again a candidate and as such a legitimate subject for comment and obliged to account for his performance.
I spoke to his Alice Springs based minder, fact to face, at the Show, expressed my disapproval of Mr Snowdon’s behaviour, and renenwed my requests for an interview with him. I have not heard from either Mr Snowdon nor the minder.
If Mr Snowdon begins to conduct himself like an elected person is expected to, then we will give him the right of reply to any attack, concurrent with the publication of the attack, or publish responses from him in some other suitable way.
We also have made these points: On the one hand, anonymous comments do not have the credibility of those whose authors disclose their identity. On the other, regrettably, some people fear they will be victimised if their views become known, and we feel they should still have the opportunity of their opinions being heard when a prominent politician is concerned.
Of course, we moderate all comments applying standards of reasonableness and legality.
Erwin Chlanda
Editor, Alice Springs News Online.

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Gallery: no deal yet on land swap
Hi Interested Darwin Observer: $30m is the indicative figure being used by the council. Please find it here.
Erwin Chlanda, Editor.

Grog stats: No independent review
Re Vicki Gillick: On June 4 I approached the hospital, via its media liaison person, and the NT police, via its media section, for access to the raw data underpinning the alcohol control measures, on the condition that privacy is not breached. (Note the last paragraph of the report above.)
This would include such documents as police running sheets and emergency department individual admission records.
No doubt Ms Gillick has made similar requests in the interest of “evidence-based reforms and rigorous evaluations” to which she refers in her comment of May 29.
Our requests are still being considered by the hospital and the police.
We’re of course happy to collaborate with Ms Gillick in our quests for information about these issues.
Erwin Chlanda, Editor

Looks like Wazza’s back
Gareth: Thank you for your compliments about my writing.
This piece was by-lined as comment.
The Alice Springs News gives you a large platform for comment, so surely it should be availabe to me as well.
As for “fearless, honest journalism” in Central Australia, mine started full-time in December 1974.
Checking out our online story archive, some seven million words, would have assisted to make your comment better informed.
Erwin Chlanda, Editor.

Back to the future with Warren Snowdon
@ Rosalie Schultz: The appropriate fact check for me in this report was to ascertain Mr Snowdon’s position on the issue of gas and it is presented accurately. Google our newspaper for extensive coverage of both facts and opinion on gas issues, including the Pepper inquiry.
Erwin Chlanda, Editor.

Save Anzac Hill High School: National Trust
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